Education & Outreach

Enriching Programs and Educational Opportunities

From elementary to professional level learning, students of all ages can benefit from the variety of quality programs we provide.

At the McAninch Arts Center, we take pride in offering our community members numerous opportunities to further explore the arts, expand their cultural knowledge and engage with our artists and performers. Through pre- or post-show discussions called “MAC Chats,” school outreach programs, intimate meet-and-greets, master classes, lectures, demonstrations, and more, we take you beyond the theatre and immerse you in rewarding experiences across multiple disciplines to enlighten your connection to the artists and the art form. Explore more about our many offerings below.

SchoolStage & Classroom Enrichment

A great way to expand upon what students learn in the classroom and widen their exposure to the arts. In our SchoolStage series, you’ll find a variety of theatrical and musical performances that are designed specifically for youth. Many offerings are based on school curriculum and focus on specific issues that will resonate with students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. We have a wide range of show options throughout the year that are ideal for local bus field trips or homeschool families.

For more information on the education and outreach programs available at the MAC, please contact Janey Sarther, Education Coordinator, at 630.942.4525 or Reservations are required and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Community Outreach Efforts

From long-term artist residencies to professional development and youth classes at the MAC, we are committed to providing area residents and COD students with fulfilling opportunities to immerse themselves into the arts. Residencies, for example, enable talented artists to come be a part of our local community for an extended period of time, or one-day workshops, seminars, lecture demonstrations, and/or master classes.

College of DuPage Academics

As part of the renowned College of DuPage, the McAninch Arts Center is proud to be at the center of a vibrant arts community and home to the Fine and Applied Arts programs of the College. COD offers a comprehensive curriculum within the visual and performing arts, including theater, music and dance. Whether you’re interested in an Associates Degree with a Fine Arts major or in taking a few classes to try something new, students can select from a variety of disciplines and focuses to explore their passions. To learn more about the COD Arts academic programs, please call 630.942.2048 or visit the Liberal Arts Division website.

MAC Chats

MAC Chats are free presentations offered before or after select performances to provide audiences with a greater understanding and appreciation of the accompanying program. Provided by educators, artists, scholars, or community leaders, MAC Chats enhance audience enjoyment, highlighting the artists, art form, creative process, and historical and/or social context of the specific performance.

For more information on the education and outreach programs available at the MAC, please contact Janey Sarther, Education Coordinator, at 630.942.4525 or