Kirk’s Corner: Hawks and Berlioz!

Hawks and Berlioz!
The only guy at the game wearing tails.

Hi, Hawks fans! On Sunday, Nov. 15th, right after our concert I will be heading out to the Hawks game at the United Center, as my great friends have invited me. It is HAWKS vs. CALGARY so of course I am a little bit torn – but actually NOT!!!! The Blackhawks have been my favorite team since I was in Mighty Mites hockey when I was 5 years old. Little did I know that I would ever live in this great city.

So – after I greet all of you after the Sunday concert I will have to jump into my car and boogie to the game.  If you are at the game also, please come and say “Hi,” OK? I will be on the glass right behind the Calgary goal – on the right side where the Zamboni enters.

I will not have time to change so I will be the only guy at the game wearing tails! I hope to see you at this amazing concert of Berlioz and later at the game!

-Kirk Muspratt