Kirk’s Corner: Heavenly Bodies of Holst

Greetings Earthlings and welcome to the awe-inspiring Planets!

I think all of us like to learn.

You also have said to me many times that YOU, as music lovers, want to learn more about the guts of the music, the intricacies of a specific piece, the inner “secrets” of what is going on for us as orchestral musicians when we tackle a masterpiece.

THEREFORE! Here is what we are going to do: there will be no orchestra on stage for the first half. Just you, me and a humongous screen. I am going to introduce each of the 7 planets and speak about them ever so briefly. Then I am going to play you a short film clip of each one of the planets, showing you the insides of the orchestra for THAT planet, right up close and personal to orchestral musicians. In addition, there will be even more detailed explanation embedded into each mini film clip.

Then, after we have done that together, we will have intermission and I KNOW that you will be crazy busy filling out your “Just Ask Kirk” questions, as you will have more questions than there are stars in the universe! I will answer some of these, as always, at the end of intermission.

Following, we will play you the entire Planets. While we play, there will be film of the each of the planets up on the huge screen – film that has been selected specifically to match exactly what is going on in each of the movements.

SO! We get to learn about music and we get to learn about astronomy. It will be a super-duper concert

for children

too as everything is broken up into bite-size chunks and it is extremely visual. I hope that I will see you there and that you, your children and your grandchildren will come and say “Hello” to me after the concert!

Warmest wishes,
Kirk Muspratt