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MAC Chat

MAC Chats are free presentations offered before or after select performances to provide audiences with a greater understanding and appreciation of the accompanying program. Provided by educators, artists, scholars, or community leaders, MAC Chats enhance audience enjoyment, highlighting the artists, art form, creative process, and historical and/or social context of the specific performance.

MAC Chats will be

available for the following performances:

Oct. 17: Earth and Sky: Post-show discussion with directors, cast and crew

Oct. 26: A Steady Rain (following the performance)

Nov. 28 at 5:45 pm: A Christmas Carol: Pre-show discussion with the production team

Nov. 29 at 7pm: A Christmas Carol: Post-show discussion with director, cast, and crew

Feb. 7 and 8: New Philharmonic: Ravel and Rachmaninoff (prior to each performance)

Feb. 27: Rhythm of the Dance (prior to the performance)

March 20 and 21: The Acting Company (following each performance)

April 18 and 19: New Philharmonic: Bach to Bock (prior to each performance)