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Arts, Communication and Hospitality

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The Fine and Applied Arts is comprised of a variety of artistic disciplines dedicated to aiding students’ approach to the creative process with rigor and lucidity. Disciplines and programs in Fine Arts include transfer courses in Drawing, Painting, Computer Art, Ceramics, Dance, Jewelry making, Printmaking, Papermaking, Sculpture, Mass Communication, Music and Theater. The Applied Arts include transfer and occupational courses in Graphic Design, Motion Picture/Television, Animation, TV Production, Film/Video Production; and Photography.

Many of the courses in Fine Arts satisfy the General Education requirements for graduation and can be transferred to other institutions. Both associates degrees and certificates are offered in the Applied Arts programs.

The faculty in the Fine and Applied Arts are working artists, designers, dancers, musicians, actors, and writers committed to giving students a professional education of the highest quality to allow entry into the workplace or continue on to academic careers at quality educational institutions.

Students also have the opportunity to volunteer and experience professional live national touring artists to gain exposure to a variety of art forms.