Equipment Rental


Equipment Rental

The MAC has a wide selection of high quality equipment available for rental. For more information on any particular pieces, call 630.942.3008.

The MAC can provide audio, visual and technical equipment beyond what is included in the space to enhance your event. Most equipment will require an additional stage technician to operate. All special effects and scenic elements must be approved by the MAC Production Manager.

Stage Equipment (labor additional)

VIP Lectern $25.00
4′ x 8′ Platform (8″, 16″ or 24″ heights) $20.00/platform
Choral Risers $20.00/riser

Lighting and Video Equipment

Video Projector* 5200 lumens (must be used in Performance Hall)
Includes one input device and screen
Video Projector* 3000 lumens
Includes one input device and screen
Overhead or Slide Projector $20.00
Fast Fold Projection Screen 10′ 6″ x 14′
Fast Fold Projection Screen 7′ 6″ x 10′
Follow Spot (2 each are available in Performance Hall or Playhouse only) $40.00
TV and DVD or VCR $50.00

Audio Equipment

Wired Microphone (6 included, charge for each additional after 6) $15.00 each
Wireless Microphone (Hand Held or Lavelliere) $75.00 each
Concert Sound System (1 performance) $1500.00

Special Equipment*

Smoke Machine $75.00 per day
Hazer $75.00 per day
Confetti Cannon, per cannon
Each additional use
$75.00 per day
$25.00 per day
Snow Drop $75.00 per day
Mirror Ball $25.00

Other equipment is available upon request, but may require a third party rental. All rates are 1/2 price for second day and on.

*requires a stage technician for operation